GRO410 Week 3 Discussion

The Funeral_x000D_
Most of us are aware that funerals are a natural event in different forms and cultural influences for all Americans, regardless of age, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status. It is important to recognize the impact of funerals on most individuals and significance specific to managing grief and loss. This discussion will examine the role of the funeral as a community support system for the bereaved person._x000D_
Discuss the psychological, sociological, economic and theological philosophical aspects of the funeral process. How do each of these aspects facilitate the resolution of grief?_x000D_
Describe what you would include in your own obituary if you were to write it._x000D_
Explain what would be your choice of final disposition of your body. Why would you choose this method, and examine the effects this choice might have on your survivors (if any)?_x000D_
Guided Response: Respond to at least two of your peers. Use a minimum of one scholarly source found at the University of Arizona Global Campus Library or Google Scholar, to critically examine the procedure that you have selected and its results

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