Give Me Liberty

History 110-05 _x000D_
Book Essay #2: Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty (Volume 1) _x000D_
Due Date: Thursday, December 10 _x000D_
Instructions: Read the appropriate sections of the following chapters and answer all of the 6 following questions. The page numbers below line up with the 6th Edition of the book, but the Chapter Subheadings work with all editions._x000D_
Ch.7, Founding a Nation (1783-1789)_x000D_
Under America’s 1st system of national government—the Articles of Confederation—what events led to the belief that the Articles were not working well? (America Under the Confederation, pp.255-263)_x000D_
During America’s Constitutional Convention (1787), what disagreements and compromises shaped the final content of the U.S. Constitution? _x000D_
(A New Constitution, pp.263-269)_x000D_
During the national debate over the ratification of the Constitution (1788-89), what were the major arguments made in favor of the Constitution? What were the major arguments against the Constitution? _x000D_
(The Ratification Debate and the Origin of the Bill of Rights, pp.269-278)_x000D_
Ch.14, A New Birth of Freedom: The Civil War (1861-1865)_x000D_
Between 1861-63, how did the North’s war aims change, from only “Saving the Union” to also ending slavery? What role did blacks play in winning the Civil War? (The Coming of Emancipation, pp.528-536)_x000D_
How did the Civil War transform the national economy and create a stronger national government?_x000D_
(The Second American Revolution, pp.536-546)_x000D_
How did the Civil War impact the society and economy of the South? _x000D_
(The Confederate Nation, pp.546-553)

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