Foundations of Modern Homeland Security

This is a session long project (SLP)_x000D_
There are two parts to this assignment:_x000D_
Part 1. From your reading, Securing Our Skies: Oversight of Aviation Credentials, choose one of the five security lines of effort and elaborate on it. Remember to support your statements with quotations._x000D_
Security Screening and Inspection_x000D_
Vetting of Employees and Security Threat Assessments_x000D_
Internal Controls and Auditing of Airport-Issued Credentials_x000D_
Risk-Based Security for Higher Risk Populations and Intelligence_x000D_
Security Awareness and Vigilance_x000D_
Part 2. From your reading, Report of the Aviation Security Advisory Committee on Insider Threat at Airports, go to page 7. Pick two of the nine bullet point items about “recognized practices” and briefly comment on them. Remember to support your statements with quotations.

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