Final Business Plan

Using any template you would like, please put together all of your assignments into one full business plan._x000D_
I’ve attached a full business plan template that you can use. If you completed all of the assignments, the only thing you need to add is an Executive Summary (Links to an external site:,target%20market%2C%20and%20financial%20highlights..) at the beginning. _x000D_
Other than that, all you need to do is put all of your assignments (edited with my notes) together with a Table of Contents._x000D_
Teacher notes for correction: _x000D_
Company Description- _x000D_
1. I understand that this is a new company and it doesn’t get have a history, but you have history. Tell me more about the history of your passion for assisting persons and families as they prepare for, perhaps the most difficult time of their lives, their death. -3_x000D_
3. You’ve included some history here, so I’ll add back some credit. +1_x000D_
4. All of your objectives are missing the Measurable. The first two are missing the Timely. -5 _x000D_
Industry Assignment-_x000D_
1e. Explain the nature of the industry. Address the importance and impact of strategic issues such as: ease of entry and exit, ability to achieve economies of scale, cyclical nature of the economy or sales cycle, etc. -2_x000D_
Market Opportunity Assignment-_x000D_
4. What about pricing in relation to how much this will cost you? -2_x000D_
Marketing Communications Assignment-_x000D_
Step 7 is Suggestion Selling. -3_x000D_
Staffing, Labor Plan, and Management Plan-_x000D_
3. Have you thought about what exactly you are looking for in your new employee? What are you screening for? What are you testing for on your standardized tests? How will one pass the test? -1_x000D_
Note: Please attach the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and the Final Exam Assumptions Assignments to the Business Plan. I have highlighted all of what need to be corrected or added to the Business Plan. _x000D_

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