Examine the problem of nonvoting in Jamaica

Image attached is the structure of the study case However, you guys are required to do the discussion only. Please note that you are required to do ONLY the discussion part of this piece because, its a group work. Doc1 is contribute from other group members which are required to use in the case study. The two previously AB done by you guys are required to be used in the discussion was well. This video may provide you with you the work should be done. https://youtu.be/OdFvrsgp2xQ_x000D_
These are the main questions you must discussion about: • How do these systems influence policy making?_x000D_
• How decisions are made?_x000D_
• Who is a part of the decision-making process?_x000D_
• How is leadership chosen?_x000D_
• How strong a role does civil society have?_x000D_
• Do these systems make the political process adversarial and contentious or accommodating and consensus based?_x000D_
• How do all of these things related to the political identity of the chosen country in practice versus theory?_x000D_
• What are the positives and negatives?_x000D_
• Do they strengthen or weaken political identity?_x000D_
6/13/20 2_x000D_
• Provide examples both within the country of choice and across countries that are similar and_x000D_
different to the country you choose_x000D_
Please focus on the 21-30 marks requirements in the Group Research Paper Rubric._x000D_

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