Environmental Policy Presentation

Your friend, an 8th-grade earth science teacher at the local middle school, is organizing an Earth Day celebration for his students and their families. He knows you have recently been learning about environmental policies in this environmental science class and has asked you to be one of several guest speakers at the event. He would like you to explain to the students how scientific research and public awareness of an environmental issue led to an environmental policy or law. The goal is for the 8th-grade students to understand how people and communities (scientific community, government bodies, citizens of a country, etc.) can effect positive change for the environment._x000D_
Use the policy and issue you selected for your Wk 5 Discussion – Environmental Policies in Action._x000D_
• Clean Air Act (1970)_x000D_
• Clean Water Act (1972)_x000D_
• Endangered Species Act (1973)_x000D_
• Superfund Act (1980)_x000D_
Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word transcript of your presentation._x000D_
Address the following in your presentation:_x000D_
• Summarize the environmental issue. What are its causes? What are the effects on the environment and people? Consider multiple perspectives and locations as applicable._x000D_
• Explain how economics and/or personal lifestyle choices or behaviors are related to this issue._x000D_
• Describe how individuals, communities, and/or governments have worked to address the issue._x000D_
• Examine the impact of relevant legislation or initiatives. What are the benefits? Have there been any consequences?_x000D_
Note: Remember your audience; the presentation needs to make sense and appeal to 13- and 14-year-old students._x000D_
Include at least 2 outside resources. Cite your sources according to APA guidelines._x000D_
Course Textbook – Principle of Environmental Science: Inquiry and Applications – William P. Cunningham and Mary Anne Cunningham_x000D_

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