effective decision making

Decision-making is a constant process for those in leadership roles. An effective leader must be able to understand the daily problems that arise and present solutions beneficial to the organization, employees, and associated community or stakeholders. In a health care organization, this includes patients and their families. In a 1,000-1,250-word paper, discuss the aspects that help leaders make effective and ethical decisions in health care._x000D_
Specific information that can be included to help you frame your thoughts and outline the paper’s focus, write your discussion within the context of the following questions:_x000D_
Discuss the importance of sound decision making in health care. Describe the potential consequences of poor or uniformed decision making as a leader. Why is sound decision making important? What happens when sound decision-making is absent (present the evidence to support your response). Search the literature or provide some real-world examples that support what were some consequences that happened when a leader made an uninformed decision._x000D_
Define evidence-based decision making. What is evidence-based decision making? Explain how this is applied in health care and why it is important. What have been some ways evidence-based decisions have been inserted in the environment and what was the results?_x000D_
Explain what the term data driven decision making means.Discuss what types of data are used for making decisions in health care and why it is important for a leader to use data when making a decision. What is data driven decision making. What have been some data that your health care organization has made or that have been discovered in the literature. Why was it important to include the data? In other words, what was the outcome or impact of considering and utilizing data in the decision-making?_x000D_
Discuss how regulatory or organizational guidelines help shape how leaders make decision in health care. Hint: what are some regulatory agencies or guidelines that you know determines how organizations provide their care? What has been the impact of those guidelines or agencies?_x000D_
Describe the role of ethics in decision making. Explain steps a leader can take to promote ethical decision making. How can a leader address ethical conflicts that arise during the decision-making process?

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