Educational Law Project Presentation

Prepare a 10-slide presentation in which you:_x000D_
Present your findings using Prezi, PowerPoint, or a presentation software of your choice. (Note: You should have notified your professor in Week 7 concerning the software you will use for the presentation.)_x000D_
Include a title slide and references section. (These two slides are not part of the 10 slide minimum requirement.)_x000D_
Develop a creative, appealing presentation using your chosen tool for a professional audience, using 2–3 colors, 2–3 fonts, and 2–3 other visuals or graphics._x000D_
Provide coherent, clear, organized, and substantive content that can be easily understood by the audience._x000D_
Provide detailed narration (speaker) notes with the presentation. _x000D_
Provide an overview of the model school district or school system. The overview should include, at a minimum, background on your school with defining demographics of the district (characteristics of the population, grade levels, and faculty background information)._x000D_
Discuss how school integration will be addressed with supporting details from one case law ruling related to school desegregation. _x000D_
Provide a summary of how appropriate church–state interaction will be addressed with supporting details from one case law ruling related to church–state interaction. _x000D_
Summarize regulations related to attendance and discipline. Explain the guidelines of the necessity for each and how each will be addressed for plausible challenges or problems that might arise. Support your attendance and discipline policies with case law examples._x000D_
Describe how instruction will be provided for all students, including provisions to accommodate students with disabilities and English language learners (ELL students). Use determinations from case examples to support instructional decisions._x000D_
Briefly explain the faculty and administration selection process related to certification, training, contracts, faculty responsibilities, and tenure. Support your faculty related policies with case law examples._x000D_
Provide an overview of the responsibilities of a school board and how school board members will be selected. Support school board policies with case law examples._x000D_
Describe how funding will be provided and allocated for your model school system. Support your funding and allocation guidelines with case law examples._x000D_
Provide a brief description to provide an overview of how students will be assessed annually to measure academic progress and how the school system will be reviewed and assessed annually.

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