DQ 2,3,4

Please write approximately 200 words for each question._x000D_
1. Doctoral learning is not about getting smarter; it’s about getting better. How does the idea of getting better rather than smarter affect how you will approach your ongoing doctoral studies? How does it affect how you will approach your dissertation research?_x000D_
2. In your research defense, you presented the methodology you are going to use for your study. If you chose a qualitative methodology, why didn’t you choose quantitative? If you chose quantitative, why didn’t you choose qualitative?_x000D_
3. As you move forward in your research, you will select a design. What design are you planning on using for your study? Research designs are covered in Chapters 5 and 6 of your RES-850 course textbook. You can use these chapters as a guide._x000D_

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