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In this discussion, you will annotate the document in the form of a group discussion. Grimke’s Appeal to Christian Women of the South is a long piece. We want you to skim through and pick up, highlight, and discuss the key arguments she uses. If you have time (or the inclination), it is well worth reading more closely)._x000D_
The is no required number of comments/replies, rather we will grade your discussion on the quality of its content and how well your comments/replies move the discussion forward. Thoughtful responses pulling in historical facts and inferences are of a higher quality than “me too” or “I agree” type comments._x000D_
The annotation discussion utilizes the same rubric as the video discussion (Points represent minimum points for each level of participation):_x000D_
Community of Inquiry Level/Points_x000D_
100 Full Marks – Above and Beyond_x000D_
92 Core Group – “A relatively small group of people whose passion and engagement energize and nurture the community”_x000D_
83 Active Participants – Frequently engage in meaningful ways that help define the community of inquiry. Their participation supports the Core Group’s efforts._x000D_
75 Occasional Participants – Less active than the above groups but they make meaningful contributions when they do join in the community of inquiry_x000D_
60 Peripheral Participants – I agree type comments in reply to others, or come in at the last minute with posts that do not reflect upon the material at hand in a meaningful way._x000D_
0 Did Not Participate

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