Developing Line-Item, Functional, and Program Budgeting Systems

Developing Line-Item, Functional, and Program Budgeting Systems_x000D_
Establishing and creating a budget is crucial for successful program development and implementation. Chapter 13 examines three different program budgeting systems. A line-item budget identifies all anticipated revenue and proposed expenses._x000D_
Please respond to the following:_x000D_
List and define budget categories in a line-item budget._x000D_
Describe the importance of having a line-item budget. Use your text to support your answer._x000D_
After reviewing Chapter 13, determine a program structure for the new program described in the case example._x000D_
What direct cost is associated with human services programs? What is indirect cost?_x000D_
Explain the importance of knowing the total cost (indirect and direct) of a human services program._x000D_
Describe the total direct cost methodology, the direct labor cost methodology, and the direct labor hours methodology._x000D_
In your opinion, which cost allocation methodology is best? Explain your answer using your text or other resources to support your response._x000D_
Textbook: Kettner, P.M., Moroney, R., & Martin, L.L. (2017). Designing and managing programs: an effectiveness-based approach (5th ed.). Sage

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