Delayed or avoided medical care might increase morbidity and mortality associated with both chronic and acute health conditions. Impact on HIV during pandemic

Analysis of Nursing/Health Care Issue_x000D_
1. Select a Nursing/Health Care Issue of interest to you. (5%)_x000D_
impact of Delay of health care to people with HIV due to pandemic. _x000D_
2. Define the issue. Include political, social, and economic background. (15%)_x000D_
Inability to access medication and counseling are 2 major problems._x000D_
3. Describe any associated ethical concerns. (10%)_x000D_
4. Explore possible options/alternatives for resolving the issue. (30%)_x000D_
5. Choose the option/alternative you consider to have the greatest impact on the profession of nursing. Give the rationale for your choice. (30%)_x000D_
6. Papers are to be typed using APA format, correct grammar and spelling. (10%)

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