Your boss wants you to draft a two- to three-page vulnerability process and assessment memorandum addressing the main points of a VM process for Mercury USA. You will cover the main elements of a vulnerability management process, tailored to Mercury USA’s business in the transportation sector, evaluate the OpenVAS scanning tool, and provide recommendations for mitigating the vulnerabilities found within the OpenVAS report._x000D_
The third-party pen tester used the free tool Open Vulnerability Assessment Scanner (OpenVAS) to scan Mercury USA’s network. Review the report from the OpenVAS Scan._x000D_
As you review the scan, consider some important points from Lesson 5.6, Remediation:_x000D_
Difficulty of implementation_x000D_
Communication/change control_x000D_
Inhibitors to remediation_x000D_
Business process interruption_x000D_
Degrading functionality

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