Course Final Project: Organizational Theory & Behavior

E-Textbook: Organizational Behavior, 8th Edition_x000D_
Author: Steven McShane_x000D_
VBID: 9781264351282_x000D_
Assignment Instructions:_x000D_
Final Reflection_x000D_
Throughout this course, you built a project in which you outlined a plan for your current organization or one you researched. For your final submission, you will reflect upon what you learned and how you can apply this in your future career._x000D_
Your reflection must be a minimum of two pages in length and address the following points:_x000D_
What skills and knowledge do you have that can help you lead others through change?_x000D_
What was the most important thing you learned about organizational change? What do you need to learn more about organizational change?_x000D_
What is the organizational culture’s critical role in change management?_x000D_
What are ways you can motivate employees through an organizational change?_x000D_
How would you apply what you learned in this course about organizational change to your future career?_x000D_
If you have experience with organizational change, please share it as part of your reflection. If you do not have experience with change, explain what you think you would do if given the opportunity._x000D_
Outside research is not a requirement for this assignment. However, if outside sources are used, be sure to cite and reference them according to APA standards.

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