Components of a Community-Needs Assessment

Components of a Community-Needs Assessment_x000D_
There are numerous beginning steps related to conducting a community-needs assessment. Determine what these steps are, and indicate the role that each of them plays with regard to a community-needs assessment._x000D_
One of the components of conducting a community-needs assessment is identifying characteristics of the community that you are examining. Identify some of the characteristics of a community that you should pay attention to when conducting a community-needs assessment. In your answer, justify why these characteristics are important to address when conducting an assessment._x000D_
Finding out what a community values is an important component of conducting a community-needs assessment. Explain what you think this means, and why this is an important part of a community-needs assessment._x000D_
Identifying the root causes of a problem or problems in a community is a vital part of conducting a community-needs assessment. Demonstrate why this part of a community- needs assessment is so important, and address what could potentially occur if the root cause or causes of a problem are not addressed._x000D_
Dustin, Jill C. (2013).  Grant Writing and Fundraising Tool Kit for Human Services. Publisher Pearson Education_x000D_

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