Comparative Essay

In this essay, you will compare, contrast (or both) two of the essays in our book. Alkman Granitsas: Americans Are Tuning Out the World_x000D_
Elie Wiesel: The America I Love. _x000D_
There are examples of student papers in your Cengage account/textbook. If you look under the section called Examples of Student Works in your online book, you can scroll through the types of papers until you reach the compare/contrast section. Spend some time reading through these papers to see examples of effective compare/contrast essays. In addition, there are many resources in Cengage for various parts of your essay, such as introduction, thesis, topic sentences, paragraphs, conclusions, and so on. Look at the “Writing Process Resources” module on Canvas to find links to these resources._x000D_
Make sure your are communicating your own idea. You will need to be able to accurately summarize the main idea of each reading, use direct quotes from the essays to substantiate your claims, and show your readers how the similarities and/or differences between these essays led you to your thesis statement. Make sure your quotes are properly cited in MLA style, and include a Works Cited page._x000D_
Length: 2-3 pages, typed, double-spaced, 12 font, Times New Roman

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