Christianity Presentation

Create a 10-slide presentation comparing 2 of the following branches of Christianity: _x000D_
Include a brief history of the 2 religious traditions and a comparison of their approaches to the Bible. Some concepts to include are: Pick only 3 to address out of the 4, and please give ‘your’ view on these issues along the way._x000D_
Examples of art_x000D_
Central symbols of the faith_x000D_
Rituals and core beliefs_x000D_
View of Salvation._x000D_
Please give your assessment in a conclusion slide of the assignment._x000D_
And you should have an introductory slide, stating your thesis view (your opinion), and areas that will be addressed, which would simply be 3 of the bullets above._x000D_
6 by 6 Guideline: In PowerPoint presentations, this guideline means slides in general should have no more than 6 words across and 6 rows down. And detailed description should be placed in the note section below the main slide.

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