Chapter 5 Visual Arts Discussion Assignment

Compose a new initial thread (initial post) of at least 500 words. Your initial thread post must answer BOTH PROMPTS to earn credit. Use paragraphs to organize your response and address each prompt separately._x000D_
Prompt 1: The directors of the documentary, Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry ask us to consider the role of the artist in society. In your response, first discuss how Ai Weiwei answers this question concerning the artist’s role in society, and second discuss how you would answer the question. Make reference to one of the the following pieces discussed in the film and the other provided materials to support your ideas: Remembering (backpack piece), Study of Perspectives (the middle finger photographs), or the Sunflower Seeds installation. _x000D_
Things to consider as you formulate your reply: should the artist be an activist, or should the artist focus on expression through a specific medium leaving politics aside? _x000D_
Prompt 2: Choose either the Trace installation, which is large scale series of portraits, made of legos, and originally exhibited at Alcatraz in 2014, or the #SafePassage installation, which was a large scale installation made of life jackets originally exhibited in 2016. _x000D_
First, Read through the links and spend some time looking at the images of the installations. _x000D_
Second, research the topic Ai is commenting on in his work (freedom of expression/refugee crisis). _x000D_
In your post, first, describe the installation using the elements of art and explain what drew you to the work. Second, offer a brief analysis of the installation’s purpose and meaning by focusing on what is Ai calling attention to and why. Last, discuss whether or not the work is successful. Justify your response with evidence from the work and your research. _x000D_
You should review this video on Goya’s Third of May, which is successful work of art because Goya merges form and content together to communicate his message. _x000D_
You can begin your research here._x000D_
Proofread your work before submitting. Remember to follow the course style guide and guidelines. _x000D_
Any outside sources used should be scholarly in nature and included in your submission, along with a citation for the textbook, in a properly formatted MLA style “Works Cited” section at the end of your post. Any material you integrate into your post word-for-word must be placed in quotation marks and have an in-text parenthetical citation and a works cited entry. Any material you paraphrase or summarize must also be cited with an in-text parenthetical citation and a works cited entry.

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