Change Scenario Research Paper

At times, recognizing the need for change may be relatively easy, but determining how to conduct such change presents the real challenge. In this research paper you will address both of these elements – seeing the need for change in an organization, and suggesting ways to implement the change. _x000D_
By completing this assignment, you will continue to develop your expertise in analyzing the type of change needed to address a problem as well as applying an appropriate, relevant change strategy to the unique context of the organization you identified._x000D_
The student will write an analysis that:_x000D_
1. Addresses an organization’s need for change. The organization is Apple Inc._x000D_
2. Will identify the area in need of change. The area of change that is needed is in the lack of diversity (African American, Mexican, Asian, Indian, etc) in its top executives. This needs to change as diversity brings ideas etc. The current structure is not representative of its customer base. _x000D_
3. Using Kotter’s change model, describe the methodology for introducing the change._x000D_
4. Must be APA 7 format. _x000D_
5. All sources cited must have been published within the last 3 years. _x000D_
The paper must include 5-6 pages of content, plus title page, abstract, and references._x000D_
The paper must include a title page, an abstract, and a Reference section._x000D_
At least 5 references (scholarly, peer-reviewed journals or respected trade publications) in addition to the Kotter text and the Bible (at least 7 total references). _x000D_
The format of the paper should follow this outline:_x000D_
Title Page_x000D_
Content (5–6 pages)_x000D_
Section 1: Identification of industry and area in need of change_x000D_
Section 2: Plan for implementing the change_x000D_
Conclusion _x000D_
Reference section_x000D_
Chapter reading 7 – 8 – Kotter_x000D_

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