Capstone Research Paper on the UAEs role as a peacemaker and mediator in the region

You will need to write a 5,000 word capstone Research Paper on the topic “the UAEs role as a peacemaker and mediator in the region”. I will attach some samples of what the professor deems as a good capstone paper (2 documents), and two PPTs from the professor on the best methods to follow while doing the report and of research topics that could be selected. _x000D_
If you feel that the topic I selected doesn’t have enough information to write up a good capstone paper, feel free to recommend a different topic (the first PPT has some topics listed)._x000D_
The level of English needs to be excellent, and no plagiarism will be tolerated. PLEASE DO NOT USE REPEATED WORDS TO FLUFF UP THE REPORT._x000D_
You have 5 days to complete the task, so please ensure the quality is as high as possible. If you share a draft with me by the third day, I could provide some input.

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