Capacity, Community Resources, and Collaboration

Capacity, Community Resources, and Collaboration_x000D_
Community partnerships, connected referral networks, and collaboration between organizations play an important role in the long-term survival of nonprofit organizations. After reading the required journal articles and book chapters (in Course Documents), respond to the following Discussion topics:_x000D_
According to Sowa (2009), what characteristics would two nonprofit organizations need to have in common in order to create a successful collaboration? Why?_x000D_
How could nonprofit organizations benefit from collaboration in the area of program service delivery? Why?_x000D_
What desired benefit of collaboration was achieved when resource instability or inadequacy was the driver? Why?_x000D_
How might service delivery collaboration contribute to the long-term survival of the nonprofit organizations? Why?_x000D_
Discuss the similarities and/or differences in capacity evaluation mentioned in the Fredricks (2010) article among the three types of nonprofits in the study: Social services, physical or developmental disabilities, and housing and community development._x000D_
What challenges to evaluation were identified in these nonprofits? What contributed to those challenges?_x000D_
How were evaluations linked to broader management initiatives such as strategic management?_x000D_
TEXTBOOK: Watson, L. D. & Hoefer, R. A. (2014). Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders: Essential Knowledge and Skills. SAGE Publications, Inc.

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