Budgeting for Financial Control

Budgeting for Financial Control_x000D_
Program development involves learning and understanding the major principles and models of budgeting. Budgeting for financial control of a human services program involves making decisions about managing the budget, including selecting the appropriate method based upon how the program is structured._x000D_
Please respond to the following:_x000D_
Explain the concept of financial control._x000D_
Describe how the financial control purposes of budgeting deals with the relationship between revenues (inputs) and expenses (activities)._x000D_
Identify the three major models of the budgetary process._x000D_
Describe the similarities and the differences within the models._x000D_
What are the three principal purposes of budgeting? What are the three major corresponding budgeting systems?_x000D_
Describe the similarities and the differences between the three._x000D_
In your opinion, should small nonprofit organizations hire outside consultants to help them with budgeting issues, or should they develop their expertise in-house? Use your text or other professional resources to support your answer._x000D_
Textbook: Kettner, P.M., Moroney, R., & Martin, L.L. (2017). Designing and managing programs: an effectiveness-based approach (5th ed.). Sage

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