Bibliography Assignment

For this part of the assignment, your first task is to search PsychInfo, Academic Search Complete, and MedLine (MedLine can be particularly useful for HBS students) for keywords associated with your topic. These databases are available through the library web site–do NOT use google!!_x000D_
1. More recent literature is better._x000D_
2. Do not go off-topic. You must read the abstract for each article you include. You cannot include articles that aren’t relevant and get credit for it. _x000D_
3. You must include only peer-reviewed articles, chapters, or books. Do not use google or any other internet search engine for your literature search. This will result in non-peer-reviewed materials, which you cannot use._x000D_
1. Choose 30 or more journal articles from your search that have specific relevance to your topic. **These articles must all be on YOUR topic…you will need to use this annotated bibliography next for your paper. You can’t write the paper if your articles do not relate well to each other.**_x000D_
1. These articles must be from peer-reviewed publications. You may not use any magazine, webpage, blog, Psychology Today, Wikipedia, newspaper article or any other source that is not a peer-reviewed journal article. _x000D_
2. You may have to review/skim many articles before finding the those that are most pertinent to your topic._x000D_
3. You must ask yourself, “What is the importance of this article to what I am studying?” and “What interesting information does this article give me that I can use in my paper?” If you can’t answer these questions, then you should not include the article. _x000D_
4. **As you are looking at each research study, make sure you are paying attention to the following information. This is how you critically evaluate and learn from the study you are looking at. _x000D_
1. Does the study include people like you?_x000D_
2. How big was the study?_x000D_
3. What kind of research is it? A correlational study? An experiment? A randomized controlled clinical trial?_x000D_
4. Where was the research done?_x000D_
5. Who paid for the research?_x000D_
6. Who is reporting the results?_x000D_
• Cite the article using APA style._x000D_
• You must use the correct APA refences style. Utilization of correct APA style is a key skill for psychology majors. Using APA reference style is a matter of formatting and attention to detail. If you do not use the correct APA style, your assignment will be returned to you for correction—you cannot pass the assignment without the correct APA reference style._x000D_
• Some resources for APA reference style are: _x000D_

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