Authentic leadership components

Response must be 250 words. Must have 2 peer reviewed reference within the last 5 years. APA 7 format. Original work. Must have 1 biblical reference from 1st Kings. In response to the text below, answer the following:_x000D_
Of the 4 components of authentic leadership, are any of them more important than the other ? If so why, if not why?_x000D_
Components of Authentic Leadership_x000D_
            There exist four components of authentic leadership: self-awareness, internalized moral perspective, balanced processing, and relational transparency.  Self-awareness is the idea of knowing oneself.  Internal moral perspective is using one’s morals to guide one’s behavior.  Balanced processing is the ability to examine information unbiased when making decisions.  Relational Transparency is being truthful with others about one’s self (Northouse, 2019).  It is easy to see why people are attracted to leaders who are considered authentic leaders._x000D_

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