Army Leadership

Take Home Exam for L100_x000D_
Developing Organizations and Leaders_x000D_
Question: What is the critical leadership problem facing the 4th ABCT and how will you use the processes and concepts from L100 to improve the ABCT and achieve your vision? Clearly and comprehensively explain, defend, and justify your answer._x000D_
Administrative Instructions: This is your end-of-block exam for L100. The purpose of this assessment is for you to demonstrate your achievement of the TLO for L100, which is: “Synthesize organizational level leadership concepts used to lead in developing organizations.” _x000D_
This exam is based on the 4th Armor Brigade Combat Team case study and L100 learning objectives. _x000D_
The rubric your instructor uses to assess your answer is available to you on blackboard and provides grading criteria and point breakdown for the essay question. Your answer will be no than five (5) pages in length, (double-spaced, using 12-point Arial Font). Late submissions result in a reduction of ten points per day._x000D_
You will answer the question from the perspective of the new brigade commander, LTC (P) Shane. Ensure you incorporate the criteria in the rubric into your response. In this individual essay assignment, you must demonstrate your ability to synthesize the organizational-level leadership processes from L100 and apply them to a problem. _x000D_
The number of sources use is up to you , but use only the documents I have included in the additional materials._x000D_
Have attached the material that is needed to answer this question.

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