Application of Criminological Theory

Your police department has noted a recent increase in criminal activity. Robberies occurring between the hours of 10PM and 3AM have increased by 50%, especially on the weekends. In a majority of cases, the victim reports being alone at the time of the robbery and had recently left a local drinking establishment. You are responsible for investigating why this increase in crime is occurring so a solution can be implemented to better protect the community._x000D_
Identify the theory (or theories) and the main arguments of the theory that best explain the increase in crime in this scenario._x000D_
Coherently relate the concept(s) and argument in the theory to the supporting evidence you see with the increase in criminal activity._x000D_
Assess how well the theory or theories explain crime victimization in general. _x000D_
Taking into consideration the theory or theories you chose, what steps do you recommend your department take to thwart the criminal activity?_x000D_

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