Assignment Instructions_x000D_
Whether it’s a product recall or malicious behavior by employees, companies are launching multi-prong responses that make use of the skills and training that business and technical communicators exemplify._x000D_
Unfortunately, there is little information or training available to business and technical communicators regarding responses to accusations of wrongdoing (or apologia). Using rhetorical theory to analyze apologetics in business writing and technical communication will help you gain valuable practice in conflict communication within a corporate structure._x000D_
First, take some time to research and discuss real product recall situations or accusations of wrongdoing in the news. Look at press releases, corporate websites, and social networking sites that were/are used by the company to address the situation. You are not required to chose something healthcare related, although it would be a great idea!_x000D_
Select a case from the news. Provide a brief analysis of the situation (including what happened, why it was perceived as being wrong, and what the company’s messaging should be to overcome the problem)._x000D_
Devise a plan to address the problem/situation using the corporate website and social networking. Here is an initial list of questions to help you get started:_x000D_
What needs to be communicated?_x000D_
How can/should the company’s corporate website be used?_x000D_
What role can/should social media play?_x000D_
What documents will consumers need to see and download?_x000D_
Is video important? If so, how? To show a CEO apologize? To demonstrate how to find product numbers and identify recalled products? To provide instructions for fixing a product defect?_x000D_
Discuss the benefits of your plan for the customers and for the company._x000D_
Example sources (feel free to use or Google “Company product recalls”):_x000D_
(Links to an external site.)_x000D_
Mattel: Toy recall (Links to an external site.)_x000D_
(Links to an external site.)Baby food recall (Links to an external site.)_x000D_
Your assignment must include the following:_x000D_
An brief analysis of the situation (1 page):_x000D_
Discuss the specific issues_x000D_
Develop a response plan that addresses the following (2-3 pages):_x000D_
a. What needs to be communicated?_x000D_
d. What should the company message be?_x000D_
f. What are the benefits of your plan for the customers and for the company?_x000D_
Be formatted in APA style with APA in-text and Reference Citations (no title page is required)

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