Analyze a Specific Criminal Justice Career ( JUVENILE PROBATION OFFICER)

Identify a criminal justice career or position that you are interested in pursuing and discuss the following in a paper._x000D_
How did you become interested in this line of work?_x000D_
In what ways are you qualified for entering this career? _x000D_
How is this profession generally portrayed in the media? _x000D_
This next part is your “reality check” on your chosen career or position. Using reliable sources, investigate your chosen career or position using the types of questions discussed in this module for a “reality check” on a criminal justice profession. Now, with your findings in mind, discuss the following:_x000D_
How accurate is the media portrayal of the profession?_x000D_
In what way have you been prepared for entering this career?_x000D_
How right were you in the assessment of your own qualification for the job?_x000D_
What would be the challenges for you working in this profession or position? _x000D_
In addition to a college degree in criminal justice, what more do you need to do before you may enter this career or be promoted to this position?

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