Adult Developmental Disabilities

Please Just Do Armando Guba Part Only and we are competing with John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore_x000D_
Team Mission Statements:_x000D_
Euston Mission Statement Mental Health Facility: Providing world class care across a multifaceted environment, regaining hope and ensuring that our patient reclaim their independence and will to live again. Utilizing advanced clinical studies, healing our patients from the inside out. _x000D_
Proposed Services: Team building activities, group work/support, golf, nonconventional indoor therapies, cyberbully, social media _x000D_
Armando Mission Statement: Adult with developmental disabilities_x000D_
Proposed Services: Education on lifestyle, reintegrate within community, resilience coaching, outdoor and indoor activities, counselor on site to facilitate and educate, regaining independent_x000D_
I. What is the new health care service your group has determined is needed and address these 6 questions? (Questions whose answers are considered basic in information gathering or problems solving: Who, What, When, Where, Why, How?)_x000D_
II. Identify Service Category Critical Success Factors._x000D_
Kim Mission Statement for Self-Care Clinic: Our mission at Self Care Clinic is coaching awareness of physical and mental health through balance diets, lifestyles, and exercise. with compassion, encouragement, and guidance with every step of the way._x000D_
Services: personal trainer, nutritionist, Life and Family counselor, preventive health provider, mentors/life coach, fitness classes for both indoor and outdoor, group supports, meditation room, _x000D_
Anna Mission Mai Care Statement: A mission statement is what sets the organization aside from all others. What do they provide that others do not. It should address who is the main target and what their purpose is. The more direct, the more people can compare and will lean towards that organization. 1. Our mission at Mai Care is aligning physical and mental awareness with trust, understanding and thoughtfulness. 2. Mai Care brings thoughtfulness and understanding to men, women, and children by aligning physical and mental awareness._x000D_
Services: (missing) _x000D_
Demographic: _x000D_
Location: Baltimore, Maryland _x000D_
Competitor: Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore _x000D_
Targeted Population: Adolescent to retirees (age 13-70) _x000D_
Assignments: _x000D_
Total 8 catergories per instructions, each member will tatke 2 catergories to work on their own _x000D_
Kim: 1 and 2 _x000D_
Euston: area 3 and 4 _x000D_
Armando: area 5 and 6 _x000D_
Anna: area 7 and 8_x000D_

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