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This is not supposed to be COPPER it is to be SILVER please._x000D_
This assignment is very specific. Please be sure to include these 4 Items with the item indicated headings. Please add to the Lit review section. Make sure there is a Problem Statement and Methodology and design section. Thank you_x000D_
Item #1: Broad Topic Area. The topic must align to your degree program and be defensible with the scholarly literature presented in the Literature Review section._x000D_
Item #2: Literature Review. The literature referenced in this section must build an adequate defense for studying the topic presented above. _x000D_
Item #3: Problem Statement. The Problem Statement, like the topic, must emerge from the relevant scholarly literature. It must be directly related to the topic presented above._x000D_
Item #7: Methodology and Design. The methodology and design must address the Problem Statement. You must provide a defense for your choice of methodology and design; explain how it addresses the Problem Statement and meets the need established by the Literature Review.

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