Activity – Affordable Care Act

log into the Heathcare.Gov ( to review and compare healthcare plans available in the US. _x000D_
You don’t need to enter your email, just compare plans for 2 different fictional families. _x000D_
For example:_x000D_
Family 1 – Single parent in 20’s with 2 kids – income $30,000. _x000D_
Family 2 – Married couple in 40’s, 3 kids, income $100,000_x000D_
Family 3 – Single person in 50’s, no dependent children_x000D_
Family 4 – Married couple in early 60’s who are not eligible for Medicare, no dependent children, income $75,000._x000D_
Choose situations relevant to you (either professionally or personally) and see how much monthly and annual premiums would be. _x000D_
What to submit:_x000D_
After you have a chance to review plan options for two families, share what you found (a paragraph or two). Include the family compensation and income and any reflections from the process. Were you surprised with the results? For those of you familiar with employee-sponsored plans, is this comparable for what families typically pay? Ask friends or parents what they pay for insurance if you aren’t sure. What else did you learn?

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