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was establishing the department for commissioner, national and international standard start to operate the department with a building a partnerships and developing a new opportunities of businesses and services for rehabitation life sport rehab autistic center lymphedema rehabitation and the neuromuscular rehabitation on top of that collaborate with the other departments to be extended services for them. Establishing the key performance indicators for my department and unloaded it with a strategy of the Hospital to ensure the alignment of the performance of my stuff to the vision and mission of the organization. _x000D_
As a volunteer work under Saudi physical therapy Association I had to initiative to work on having down work injury allowance and safety allowance from Saudi health counsel I started with sign a memorandum of agreement and disagreement resulted on being a founder of rehabilitation committee under the council which one having a great impact for all allied health and rehab and Tatian specialist not limited to physical therapy only. _x000D_
Add to that as a volunteer work under Saudi‘s truck society I am the head of the habitation chapter we have a civil establishment start with to a publication for Tallardy habitation guidance for Saudi Arabia and Middle East also establishing Bastrop care guidance through the Covid when Adamic we also establish stroke rehabitation pathway and we send it to visualization office for implementation and we select a KPI‘s for stroke rehabilitation also we shared it with adult healthcare under Ministry of health . _x000D_
All of that it’s not only my work it’s the work of team and I was having the capability and ability to lead people higher degree than me but they were believing on me because they have a clear strategy and clear vision and I am result oriented person toward proving the Healthcare at level of the kingdom.

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