8-1 Final Submission: Professional Reflection

Capstone Component 2: Professional Reflection_x000D_
For the second and final component of your capstone, you will write an essay in which you discuss the process and outcomes of this project and your overall _x000D_
Healthcare Administration Program journey and experiences. You will also speak more specifically about how the project relates to your area of _x000D_
expertise/interest and your desired career path. Writing reflectively allows you to think deeply and consciously about your experiences, which is invaluable to _x000D_
successful practice in the field of healthcare administration. _x000D_
You should envision this component as a personal reflection on the capstone and your experience in the Healthcare Administration program as a whole. For _x000D_
instance, relative to the capstone, you could discuss what you did—or intended to do—and then consider what worked well, what challenges you faced, and _x000D_
what you would change or do differently to make your experience better. In reflecting on your time here at SNHU, you might discuss where you started, where _x000D_
you have ended up, where you see yourself going, etc. Note that this component is not about evaluating the capstone itself, but rather, your experience within _x000D_
the capstone project._x000D_
Some of the issues to address in this final component of this capstone may include, but are not limited to:_x000D_
● Overall, what was your capstone experience like?_x000D_
● Reflect on the significance of the capstone in relation to your own experience at SNHU._x000D_
● How will you relate cultural competence or maintain cultural principles in your profession?_x000D_
● How does your application of interpersonal skills and collaborative processes relate to your professional goals?_x000D_
● How will you promote continuous healthcare quality improvement in your professional life?_x000D_
My chosen degree is in Health Administration._x000D_
My project was on medical dispensing errors in the VA Healthcare system

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