3 type of policing (watchman style, legalistic style, and service style)

You are a patrol officer in a middle- to lower-class community, which is a suburb of a much larger metropolitan city. During the past 6 months, you have noticed an increase in what might be the beginning of gang activity in your community. You have begun to see gang-style graffiti painted on walls, buildings, and street signs. You have noticed that more young adults are gathering on street corners and appear to be dressing in clothing often associated with gang involvement. While no gang violence has occurred yet, you suspect it is not far away._x000D_
As discussed in your text, there are three distinct styles of policing. They are the watchman style, the legalistic style, and the service style. In a single posting, describe in detail how you would address this growing problem using each of the policing styles listed above. Explain which approach is best, using research to substantiate your postings, citing your sources following APA format.

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